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Air Duct Cleaning San Diego



Do you need air duct cleaning in San Diego? If so, did you know that the average San Diego resident spends an average of 45% of their time at home? More people are looking for ways to be comfortable at home. Before you start with bathrooms, TV’s and the deck, let us take a look at your air quality and check your air ducts for dust, dirt, and other debris. Poor air quality can trigger allergies and asthma in children and the elderly, so before you fix up the outside let us look on the inside.

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Air Duct Sanitizing — Step by Step:

• Remove and clean supply registers.
• Clean supply vents all the way to the furnace/air handler.
• Dirt and debris is brushed, collected and swept up by dual vacuum system.
• Optimum coverage is ensured as technician works back through the system, overlapping much of the ductwork.
• Vacuum attachment topically cleans inside furnace/air handler.
• Furnace/air handler fan is turned on and antimicrobial treatment is fogged into cold air return.
• Fan circulates treatment deep into the system.