Air Plus Heating & Cooling

Are You Ready For Winter?

Sure, it’s still hot, but it won’t be for long!
At Air Plus, our team brings nearly half a century of experience to the table when it comes to repair and maintenance of the climate control systems in homes and businesses. When you couple that with the specialized circumstances of HVAC in San Diego, then Air Plus is really the choice to get ready for winter.

To tell the truth, though, there are plenty of things you can do to get ready for cooler temperatures before we ever show up. Go ahead, take notes, we won’t mind!

  • Change the filters! Today, everyone is on the “super filter” bandwagon – they want to have the cleanest air possible in their homes, but many of these high-priced filters still need to be changed at regular intervals. Honestly, we’d rather see homeowners use a more economical filter and make sure to change them every 30 days. The result will be more dust and debris captured and out of the home and an air system that can “breathe” easier.
  • Turn down the thermostat. This may seem strange, but studies (and our experiences) have shown that every degree a thermostat is lowered in the winter and raised in the summer can result in a 2% savings on the energy bill. When you factor in how most people only live in three rooms of their homes, dropping the thermostat setting down a few degrees and grabbing a sweater can result in savings month after month.
  • Check your ducts. Over time, the actual ductwork in a home can become clogged or develop leaks, allowing the warm air you paid for to leach out into crawl spaces, attics, and walls and NOT to keep your feet warm. Especially in older homes where AC was retrofitted, ductwork can be patched in and sealed poorly, resulting in leaks that run up the bills and leave you chilly for no reason. Here is a situation that really does require a professional’s help, and at Air Plus, we can not only address duct leaks, but also thoroughly clean the entire system to remove dust and dander and restore airflow to every room of the house.
  • Check for leaks. In many older homes, especially those that have been updated since construction, an inspection of door and window seals can be critical to ensuring efficient heating and cooling for your home. A little weatherstripping and caulk applied in the right places can work wonders for your power consumption and can also alert you to bigger issues before they cause trouble.
    Clean the gutters. You might laugh, especially if you are from “up North” where ice dams can be a concern due to blocked gutters, but down here in San Diego, the issue can be just as bad. Gutters that are plugged or aligned poorly can result in water running into crawlspaces and basements and causing havoc with mold, mildew, or even electrical issues if that water is not addressed before it gets to wiring. Spend some time cleaning and inspecting the gutters on your home and make sure they are shunting water away from the foundation.
  • Leave room for Santa! Chimneys in southern California are more for decoration than anything else, but ensuring the safe operation of your chimney is something to check at least once a year. Bird’s nests, beehives, and debris can all cause a blockage and that could – potentially – be deadly if you try to build a fire in it. Any blockages to the damper can result in lost heat and a blocked chimney can cause the creation of carbon monoxide in your home. A visual inspection and, if need be, a professional cleaning of the chimney can help alleviate these dangers.

You guessed it – most of these minor tasks can be completed in less than an hour one morning and you’ll have a great start on being prepared for cooler temperatures. If you identify issues, Air Plus can help you to get those solved easily and you won’t miss a minute of heat when the temperatures drop!