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Blown In Attic Insulation San Diego

Blown In Attic Insulation San Diego

With RotoStorm® Technology

Do you have adequate insulation in your attic? Most San Diego homes don’t have the recommended amount of attic insulation so home owners spend excessive dollars in heating and cooling costs. To find out if you may need more insulation look in your attic. You should see at least an 8″ thick layer of attic insulation. Also, compare your heating costs with friends and neighbors but to be sure please call us. In a recent study, only 20% of San Diego homes built before 1980 were well insulated. If your home falls in these categories or you think you have inadequate attic insulation we can help.

We use the RotoStorm insulation blower, which features double agitators to assure smooth and accurate fiber conditioning, as well as variable air pressure. It outputs 450 pounds per hour of fiberglass.

The attic insulation material is Guardian’s Attic Guard PLUS® loose fill insulation product. Attic Guard PLUS is 100% virgin white fiberglass insulation, non-corrosive, pest resistant, Children and School Greenguard Certified and Energy Star partnered. It has a Class A fire rating, with no formaldehyde added and no bonding agents. This is a “green” product and inhibits insects and rodents from setting up their homes in your attic.