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Federal tax credits and rebates

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Federal Tax Credits and Rebates for Energy-Efficient HVAC Systems

Welcome to Air Plus Heating and Cooling, your trusted HVAC company in San Diego! We understand that finding the right heating and cooling solution for your home or business can be overwhelming. That’s why we are here to make the process easy and stress-free.

We understand that investing in a new heating and cooling system can be a significant expense. That’s why we want to inform you about the potential savings and benefits that come with upgrading to a more energy-efficient system.

As an authorized dealer of energy-efficient HVAC products, we can help you take advantage of the available federal tax credits and rebates. These incentives are designed to reward homeowners and business owners for investing in energy-efficient systems that save both money and energy.

The federal government offers tax credits and rebates for qualifying HVAC systems that meet specific energy efficiency standards. Our team of experienced technicians can help you determine if your new HVAC system qualifies for these incentives and guide you through the process of claiming them.

We offer flexible financing options to help you invest in energy-efficient solutions without breaking the bank. Our team will work with you to find the best financing option that fits your budget and lifestyle.

Contact Air Plus Heating and Cooling today to learn more about federal tax credits and rebates for energy-efficient HVAC systems. Our team is here to make the process easy and stress-free, so you can enjoy a comfortable home or business while saving money and energy. Let us help you achieve the comfort and savings you deserve!


Tech-Clean rebates

Up to $2,000 per household for new heat pump installs.  Rebate given directly to homeowner at time of installation via Clean Tech California Program

(While funds last – State program)


Up to 30% of the cost back up to $2,000 for new heat pump installations via Federal Tax Credits

(Valid through 2032 – Federal program)

Federal Tax Credits and Rebates


Up to $14,000 per household depending on what energy efficient measures are taken and income level

(Valid through 2032 – Federal program)

NC -- Rebates


SDG&E Rebate program varies each year and is based on allocated funds.  Please click link below for program and rebate details

(While funds last – State program)


Up to 30% of the cost back (up to $600) for upgarding your main electrical panel or wiring in your house.

(Valid through 2032 – Federal program)


Receive up to $1,375 in State Rebates for installing energy efficient HVAC products.  


(While funds last – State program)

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*$14,000 average Tax credit and rebates consist of newly installed HVAC installed utilizing Federal and State Rebate programs. Not all homeowners are eligible, limitations apply to the programs and Tax Credits and Rebates are not guaranteed by Guthrie and Sons Inc..