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Hero Program Financing

Hero Program Financing San Diego


The HERO Financing Program is the fastest growing energy efficiency financing solution in the country and is helping to lower utility bills, reduce carbon emissions, and create new jobs every day!

We are proud to announce our participation in the San Diego Hero Financing Program. We at Air Plus Heating & Air Conditioning San Diego believes that our customers have the right for great financing rates in order to continue upgrading to High Quality and Efficient home air conditioning systems.



How does HERO Program work?



Benefits of HERO Program Financing:

• Low, Fixed Interest Financing with terms up to 20 years
• No Money Down options available for energy efficient home improvements
Easy Approvals: Loan Approvals in 30 minutes
Easy Repayments: Pay Back Your HERO Loan through Property Taxes
Tax deductible program
Payment deferral is available
  Approval is not based on credit