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HVAC Contractor

As a registered California Air Conditioning and Heating Corporation, Air Plus Heating and Cooling has served the San Diego area since 1993. Providing quality customer service, the company offers nothing but the best in HVAC service options. From repairs to maintenance and installations, Air Plus Heating and Cooling Hvac Contractor in San Diego can easily take care of you and your family no matter the season.

Tune Ups and Repairs

Don’t wait until the extreme seasons to have your HVAC system tuned up or repaired. Let Air Plus Heating and Cooling San Diego take care of your unit ahead of time. Schedule maintenance for your heating or cooling unit before the winter or summer arrives to ensure that your system is ready to function properly. The highly trained technicians can take care of repairs, clean your unit and provide much needed tune ups on any make or model, heating and cooling system.

New Technology for Attic Insulation

An important part of HVAC is insulation. Most homes in San Diego do not have the proper insulation levels. By using RotoStorm Technology, Air Plus Heating and Cooling San Diego can fill in your attic space to have the layer of thickness needed to hold heating and cooling during the winter and summer months. The quality insulation is pest resistant, Energy Star rated, and non-corrosive.

Improving Indoor Air Quality

The quality of air inside the home is very important. To ensure that your home has clean air, take advantage of the air duct sanitizing provided by Air Plus Heating and Cooling. The company offers the cleaning of supply registers following by supply vent cleaning, air handler cleaning and additional services to help clean the air of your home.

Ductwork Replacement

Many modern HVAC systems require duct work to provide the warm or cool air to rooms in the home. When you are in need of duct work replacement, Air Plus Heating and Cooling San Diego can help. With quality materials and products, the HVAC contractor will have your home ready for comfort in no time with the installation of new duct work.