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AC Smelling Bad?  Dirty Sock Syndrome May Be the Culprit

Ahhh, the first signs of a hot summer day appear and right away we turn on our trust air conditioning system.  A handful of folks might notice an awful smell permeating throughout the house- Is it mold? Mildew? Dirty socks? Why does the entire house smell like the Raider’s locker room after a game that goes into overtime?

This problem is not so unusual and it actually has a fitting name that us HVAC contractors have entitled “Dirty Sock Syndrome.”

Why Do I Have Dirty Sock Syndrome?

Dirty Sock Syndrome occurs when organic matter such as moisture, mold, and dust accumulate on your AC system’s evaporator coil.  These contaminants then breed bacteria and mold and get pushed through the ducting system and into your living space.

Dirty Sock Syndrome typically occurs during the spring — when your AC system is not running these particles of moisture, dust, and dirt have more time to accumulate on the evaporator coil in between cycles. If you cool and heat your home with a heat pump, you may see this problem crop up in the fall as well.

The Solution to Dirty Sock Syndrome

Dirty Sock Syndrome assaults much more than your olfactory glands- it can also wreak havoc with your allergies, those that are sensitive to mold and possibly folks with particular immune disorders.

Fear not folks- we at Air Plus Heating and time tested and straight forward solution. Since Dirty Sock Syndrome is caused by a dirty evaporator coil, simply schedule an AC diagnostic with Air Plus Heating & Cooling.  Once we’ve diagnosed that indeed your system is the culprit of the dirty sock smell, we have a 2-part procedure which includes a specialized CoilJet coil cleaning system with patented solutions, and have a very high rate of success.  In fact, we guarantee this process for one solid year.  At the time of this article, we have had a 100% success rate with zero call backs.

Once your AC system’s evaporator coil is back in working order, it’s also important to take preventive measures that will keep Dirty Sock Syndrome from cropping up again down the road. These measures include:

If I Just Keep Running My System- Will it Go Away?

In the moderate climates of San Diego you may notice that your air conditioner no longer smells musty as summer approaches, but that doesn’t mean the problem has suddenly vanished. The build-up remains on the evaporator coil, and under the right conditions you are apt to start smelling dirty socks in your home once again. Call Air Plus Heating & Cooling and one of our factory trained HVAC technicians will use our  the problem now to spare yourself from more headaches (and potentially higher repair costs) down the road.

Does your home smell like a dirty, sweaty sock? Call 858-505-8711 or schedule your air conditioner repair here.