Air Plus Heating & Cooling

Andre Lukas – Clairemont

Mark came and diagnosed the problem with my compressor which stopped running. There was a loose connection on the circuit board and that the freon needs ltopping of just 2 lbs. My unit is about 30 years old, and Mark told me that the unit (Day & Night) is still in good working condition, and there is no need for repair. We will have a cool A/C and be ready for the summer days. The honestly of this company is what I value the most. The technician could have said that I need a new compressor which is believable considering the age of the unit or they could say that the freon is completely empty. You can be sure that they only replace (if any) the parts IF it needs replacing and not scaring customers for unnecessary expenses. BTW, Mark is very professional in his work, friendly and has great personality. Air Plus should get higher than a 5 star rating. Thanks Mark and Kim. A very happy customer.