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Beat the Summer Heat with an Air-Conditioned Home

beat the summer heat


Summer is just around the corner. While most people bust out the sunscreen and beach outfits, some people prefer to ride out the heat wave in the comfort of their own home. While it’s great to bask in the heat while at the beach getting a tan, it is a different story when you’re trying to sleep comfortably at night or even squeeze in a snooze for an afternoon nap.

Nothing else makes your house an oasis in this heat than a great air conditioning system. However, for most  people, choosing the right cooling system to invest in can be a daunting task. Window-type or Split-type? How about centralized air? Not only is there the question of price, that is, how much is needed to buy the unit and to install it, but there is also the question of will it fit my home and lifestyle?

Mini-split vs Centralized Air

Two of the most common air-conditioning systems are the split type and centralized air systems. The main advantage for both types is that they can fit your home’s style and furnishing and not be an eye sore. Centralized air systems in particular use air ducts that run inside the walls of the house, funneling air through air vents to cool your entire house, while the cooling unit itself sits outside the house itself. Split types also have the cooling unit outside the home, with the unit itself serving as the “vents”. The mini-split type, a more compact version of the split type, can easily be hidden from view using design elements like drop ceilings and paneling.

These two air-con types can fit your home depending on your lifestyle and budget. Here are some tips to help you decide which works best for you:

Existing home design. Centralized air requires more investment as it needs air ducts as pathways for the cool air to flow. If your home is not previously equipped with air ducts and vents, it would take some investment to install these. If you are still in the process of building your house, making provisions for the ducts and vents is a must. Mini-splits, on the other hand, can work with any style, as long as there is a wall or ceiling it can be mounted on, and more units can be added on at a later time, without the need to modify the house structure.

Need to customize temperature per room. If people in your home have different tolerance for cooler temperatures, the split type will work better for you, since every room with its own unit can be customized. Better control of the temperature on a per room basis can result in more efficiency and power savings versus a centralized one.

Need for better filtration/cleaner air. While the split type will also have a filtration system, the centralized systems tend to have better air filters and purifiers, allowing for cleaner, better air quality. Even pollen, dust and lint are no match for its filters.

No matter which type you choose, having an air-conditioning system will definitely make summer a more enjoyable time for you and your family.