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Cyndi F. – Coronado, CA

5-star (1)


I HIGHLY recommend Air Plus. My mother had a bad experience when a different local company installed an expensive new furnace and AC unit with lots of mistakes. Jim was one of three quotes for my job, he was very knowledgeable and had a lot more information than the other companies. (No flashy slideshow!) He checked the ducting in the attic – it was rusted (other companies had said it was fine). When he took it out it was indeed VERY rusted. He fixed the vents so all the rooms heat equally. The system is PERFECT!!! Our electric bill went from $200 in the winter to $75!!! WOW!! Jim then went back to my mother’s house and found the mistakes in her new system (e.g. gas leaks, wrong size AC unit for the house, ceiling vents that were actually for the wall and did not disperse heat) – he helped her fix her system too. SUCH a nice, honest, reliable person. I would trust no other and recommend them to anyone who wants the job done properly. Worth every single penny.

Cyndi F., Coronado, CA – HVAC Customer

Posted on August 18, 2012