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Solar Panel Installation San Diego

If you’re like many Americans, you may be feeling the squeeze of a flat economy where even the Fed is afraid to raise interest rates, but you may ask: “How does this apply to my heating and air?” The answer may be more complex than you have ever considered. People often forget that their home and business systems require periodic maintenance in order to operate at their greatest efficiency. This can include inspecting and cleaning the duct work, replacing filters, measuring pressures and a good deal more!

How often do you look at the fan blades on your system? Even a small amount of encrusted build-up on those blades can shave ten, fifteen or twenty percent off the overall efficiency of your system which just leads to a bigger energy bill for you each month. So besides making your system just work better, the services of Air Plus Heating, Cooling and Solar in San Diego can pay for themselves in savings alone!

As you probably know, there are improvements in the efficiency of air and heating systems all the time. Many homes and businesses who have units older than five years have looked at the cost vs. savings of upgrading their older units and discovered that it also pays for itself over time! You may have seen the price of gasoline going down all over the country, except less so much so in California, right? Yes, California, arguably the most regulated State in the Union, enjoys pretty much the highest energy costs anywhere and that includes the costs of running your heating and cooling systems.

Is there a solution of any kind to be found? Why, yes! There is! Solar! Air Plus Heating and Cooling are your foremost experts in everything solar. They can evaluate your location and provide you with great recommendations that will further save you money. When it comes to helping you apply for rebates and government incentives, Air Plus will help you find all the necessary paperwork so you can get as much return as possible!

You and your pocketbook are going to want to call Air Plus Heating and Cooling today and find out just how affordable it is to keep your system fine-tuned by San Diego’s premier heating, cooling and solar company!