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The San Diego weather can range from muggy, hot, humid Summers to biting, dry and almost-freezing winters. This causes one to spend a significant amount of money on your indoor comfort to make your home as comfortable as possible.

But that doesn’t mean that your electrical bill needs to be as high as your ceiling! Here are some factors that contribute to high heating and air conditioning bills and how we can address these issues and reduce your bills.

Replace Old Units – Old air conditioning units are more likely to be less efficient than new ones. Even though replacing them can be costly, in the long run you save money on electricity and significantly improve the comfort level in your home

Clogged Filters – Always check your air conditioner vents and filters. There’s a good chance that dust and debris may be building up, blocking the airflow and making air conditioner less efficient. To ensure best performance of your AC, regularly preventive maintenance is advised.

Insulation – Make sure your home is properly insulated, especially in winter season. Warm air escaping through cracks, walls and windows can definitely make your heating inefficient and will unnecessarily increase your electric bill. In hot weather, the sun can beam intensely through windows. Use blinds or shades to prevent unnecessary heat from coming in your home. And of course, double-pane windows can improve your energy bill up to 20%.

Energy costs seem to be increasing and can be one of the largest monthy expenses to budget for. Which is why assessing the above factors and proper maintenance/cleaning of your HVAC system will reduce your energy costs allowing you to save your hard-earned money……..allowing you to spend it elsewhere.