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Helpful Furnace Service Tips BEFORE Calling a Professional


Helpful Furnace Service Tips BEFORE Calling a Professional
It is a cold winter day, and you discover that your furnace is not working. The first thing that comes to mind is to call an HVAC professional. But before you grab your phone, you can take a few simple steps to see if you can resolve the issue on your own. This may help you identify and resolve the issue quicker and without the cost of calling a technician to fix the problem.

Here are some helpful tips to solve some furnace problems:

Change the Furnace Air Filter
If the air filter of your furnace is too dirty, it will block the return airflow to the furnace. An unclean filter will reduce the amount of hot air blown out. Filthy air filters can also cause your furnace to shut down and decrease its life span automatically. You should check the air filters on a routine basis, generally every one to three months. And if you find it is dirty, you should change it as soon as possible. You should remember to turn off the furnace’s shut off switch and the thermostat before changing the filters.

Inspect the Thermostat
It can be a possibility that your furnace is not working all because of a faulty thermostat which is the focus or the control center of your heating system. You can try some troubleshooting before calling an expert. Try to fix the thermostat to 5 degrees above room temperatures to see if furnace starts, and set it to “heat” mode instead of “cool” mode. Change the batteries if necessary and also open the panel and blow out any dust or debris if there is any.

Make Sure Furnace Door is Secure
It is important to be sure that the blower motor panel is shut properly. If it is not closed properly, it will prevent the furnace from turning on at all.

Check Air Ducts
There can be a situation when everything seems to be working fine, excluding the air ducts. Check for leaks. Leaks will not only make the room cold but will also increase your electric bills. It will also suck up dust into the air ducts resulting in poor air quality in your home.

If the above steps do not resolve your issues, it is time to call the experts with sound industry knowledge. Call us now at 858-505-8711 or email us at to discuss your needs. Our technicians will resolve your furnace problem promptly.