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A home that is comfortable all year round- something we would all love to live in! A Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump is very helpful with making your home a very comfortable place regardless of the season.

Aside from being extremely quiet, sleek and efficient, they can greatly help improve the indoor air quality of your home. Here are some reasons why Ductless Mini Split Systems are really beneficial and why you should have one installed in your home:

1.) Ductless Mini Split systems are more economical when compared to other traditional air conditioning systems.
2.) They can be installed almost anywhere in the house.
3.) Ductless Mini Splits are more efficient in both heating and cooling your home.
4.) No ductwork required, so they can be installed in older San Diego homes without ducts.
5.) Ductless Mini split air conditioners can COOL or HEAT, so you’re sure to be comfortable all year round.

These are just some of many advantages of having a ductless mini split system in your home. Call now for your free in-home installation consultation. The experts at Air Plus Heating & Cooling can help you improve the indoor air quality in your home. Contact us now for a FREE ESTIMATE!