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How to get your Air Conditioning System Ready for Summer?

How to get your Air Conditioning System Ready for Summer?

Summer’s finally here! Now before you put your favorite sunnies on and leave for the beach, let me ask this question: is your air conditioner ready for summer?

Better safe than sorry, right? Here’s our quick checklist on making sure that your air conditioning systems are ready for summer.

1. Replace Air Filters at least once a month.

Easiest AC maintenance you can do. Change air filters at least once a month to prevent clogging of the filters. This is extremely important and also the easiest thing not to remember. Pro tip: buy filters in bulk because it’s easier to remember to replace the filters when you have spare on hand.

2. Check ductwork for leaks.

If there are leaks in your ductwork it will cause the cooled air to leave your home. This is incredibly wasteful so look for disconnected joints, separated pieces, and small holes.

3. Get regular maintenance.

Most homeowners do not run their air conditioning systems during winter, meaning AC systems have been lying dormant for several months while keeping the homes comfortable with heating systems. You might have not notice your AC unit gathering dust and tiny particles – possibly microscopic harmful particles – during winter but the regular check up saves you all the trouble. Keep in mind the wear and tear theory – your AC systems are no different from other machinery. It will save you tons of dollars if you have your unit regularly checked.

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