Air Plus Heating & Cooling

Jason H. – Mission Valley

I turned on my a/c during this heat wave, and found it blowing warm air. Sitting in my condo at 82 degrees, I called about 6 other places. The soonest any of them could send someone was 3 days out. I talked to Kim, and she said she’d check if they could send someone out at the end of the day. They did. Omar had been on the clock for 11 hours when he arrived at the end of his day. It was still so hot out. He went right to work diagnosing my 30 year old unit. He found the issue was a blown fuse and a bad part. He had everything he needed in his truck and got my unit working again. All for a reasonable price, especially considering the last minute call for help. Now I’m chilling in a cool condo. Definitely recommend them!