Air Plus Heating & Cooling

Mark M. – San Diego

5-star (1)


Jim came and consulted with me and gave me some options for issues with my AC/furnace. Due to my house not having the best floor plan for air flow, top option would be to replace the furnace with a variable speed fan that could be left on when needed to improve airflow; however, due to being extremely constrained with finances due to other issues with the house, we decided not to do that at this time. However, Jim noticed that there was an issue with my thermostat and replaced it fairly cheaply to improve efficiency as somewhat of a “band aid” until I can get the entire furnace replaced. I have noticed a huge difference already in both the noise level of the furnace (new thermostat controls having fan and heating starting at alternating periods whereas the old one turned on everything at once) and also in efficiency (new thermostat turns the fan on one more cycle after the heat is off to clear out the heat from the duct work). My old furnace is on it’s last leg and I really want to improve the airflow in my house, so I’m sure I’ll be replacing it soon, but I was really impressed with Jim’s honesty about what my options were and that he wasn’t just trying to sell me on the most expensive option for a quick sell. Once I’m ready to replace the full furnace, Air Plus will definitely be at the top of my list.

Mark M., San Diego, CA – Thermostat Repair Customer

Posted on March 10, 2013