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Prepare Your HVAC for Spring

With the spring season approaching, it is time for homeowners to prepare for the new season. Springtime is when homes are spruced up and cleaned, ready for the beautiful weather. As part of the spring, homeowners need to focus on their HVAC system. The unit needs to be prepared for summer, when the temperatures are at their hottest. Below are a few tips on what to do to prepare your cooling system during the spring months.

Cleaning Up Landscaping

To begin, you want to prepare the outdoor portion of your unit. Head outside and clean up around the outdoor unit. This can include removing debris such as sticks, leaves and dirt. Trim back any grass or bushes located near the unit so the system is not impacted by the greenery. Cleaning up helps the unit to be prepared to operate when the temperatures begin to rise.

Preparing Indoors

Once you have taken care of the outside portion of your unit, you are ready to head indoors. Begin by changing out your air filters. Filters need to be fresh for when the air conditioning system will be turned on and in full operation. Clean off any dust that may be located on the return to ensure the filter can work correctly.

Take a walk around your home to inspect the registers associated with your air conditioning system. Make sure that registers are not covered and prepared to push cool air into the rooms of your home. Furniture needs to be moved, drapes pushed aside, etc. for the air to be able to reach each room.

Schedule a Maintenance Check

On top of your own servicing, it is essential that you schedule an HVAC maintenance check. Such companies as Air Plus Heating & Cooling of San Diego offer maintenance service so that your unit will be ready to function during the summer months. Cleaning the system and checking each component will ensure that your system is ready to operate effectively. Be sure to schedule your maintenance check to enjoy the summer months with cooling comfort.