Air Plus Heating & Cooling

Rodney C. – Poway

5-star (1)

Air Plus is a fantastic company. They have key traits in a provider: honesty, good/win-win pricing, and work really hard for you.

I had purchased my 3,300+ Ranch style house in Poway 3 years ago and was told by the home inspector that both my AC/Furnace units had to be replaced when I moved in. I couldn’t afford to replace both so I replaced one unit for less than $13k installed, which included all new ducts throughout half the house, as well as removal of the old honking AC and Furnace (that was in my attic).

It only took a few weeks from order to have the system installed. Jim and Kim were great and I knew I would use them again when it came time to install the other system to support the other half of my house. Well, I placed that order last year in 2013 and Jim and Kim were, again, very nice, professional, gave me a great price and installed the other AC/Furnace and ductwork on time and on budget. I decided to write this review now because I have had 3 yrs and 1 yr to monitor the installation and effectiveness of the systems set up and I am very pleased. Poway gets very hot but in my house I am cool as I wanna be!
Air Plus offers its customer a direct, honest discussion and is a company you can rely on!