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Routine Maintenance for Air Conditioners

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Air conditioners are essential units for every homeowner, be it in the cold or hot season. Getting a high-quality air conditioning unit is the first step towards saving energy costs in the long run. Air Plus Heating, Cooling and Solar are dealers of high-quality air conditioners, carrying out installation, maintenance, and repair of units. Once an air conditioner is installed and set for use, the following routine maintenance measures are necessary for promoting efficiency in performance and extending the lifespan of the unit. Call us if you need air conditioning service in San Diego.

Clean the filters

Air conditioner filters contain mesh panels that collect dust and other impurities from the environment. Accumulation of dust on the filter reduces the performance of the unit. To clean the filters, you should clip off the front grille on the air conditioner so as to access them.

Clean the evaporator coils

Evaporator coils are usually located at the back of the air conditioner and facilitate airflow. Just like filters, these collect dust from the atmosphere. With time, the dirt insulates the coils and reduces the unit’s ability to absorb heat rendering it inefficient. To prevent this, regularly clean the evaporator unit using a vacuum brush. If you live in a dusty environment, you should consider cleaning these units on a weekly basis.

Clear debris around condenser

Leaves, sticks and debris can easily collect around condensing units as they are installed outside, preventing the flow of air. Ensure that the immediate area around the unit is clear of any vegetation and regularly clean it for maximum efficiency.

Call a technician

Once in awhile, you will need to have a technician service your air conditioner. Though you can undertake the above routine measures without professional help, it is important to have a technician service the unit and look at other complicated parts of the system. Performance tests and replacement of any damaged units is carried out during servicing ensures.  Such measures increase the conditioner’s lifespan and save you replacement costs.