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Solar Energy System Optimization Tips

Solar System Installation San Diego

A big concern for homeowners considering installing a solar energy system in San Diego is whether the energy output from this renewable energy resource will be adequate. Well, there are several ways to ensure that the energy output from your solar energy system is maximized and thus adequate. Air Plus Heating and Cooling offers solar energy system installation services for anyone in San Diego, CA looking to reduce their energy bills and make a contribution to environmental conservation. The following are tips to ensure you get the maximum energy output from your solar energy system.


Ensure your solar energy system is professionally installed

While it is possible to install the solar panel yourself and save some money in the process, you might install the system in a way that compromises maximum absorption of solar energy and thus reducing the energy output. Use professionals to install as they will place the panels correctly, including looking for the best location. During the pre-installation stage, a professional will also be able to conduct a proper analysis of the site to ensure there will be no shading that could negatively interfere with the sun rays.


Ensure the solar panels are clean

Cleaning the solar panels every once in awhile is necessary as it helps get rid of dirt or debris that may be obstructing and therefore reducing the amount of solar energy that’s being absorbed. The best way to clean solar panels is to use a wash rag or a soft cloth and a soap that’s biodegradable.


Keep monitoring the solar system’s performance

Unless you regularly monitor the performance of your solar energy system, there’s no other way of detecting a problem. One of the most important things to monitor is the output as it is through this that you will get to detect an underperformance that would likely point to a fault.

By following the above tips, you will continue to get the maximum output from your solar energy system. And if there’s a problem, you will quickly detect it and have it corrected. If you are looking to install a solar energy system, Air Plus Heating and Cooling would be delighted to offer the service.