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Spring 2019 Infinite Cash Discount Program – Fujitsu

FUJITSU ELITE - Spring 2019


FOR HOMEOWNERS, here are the qualifying systems as well as their corresponding discount:


  1. Contractor Chooses a Participating Primary Fujitsu Distributor in their online Toolbox account at If this has already been done, proceed to Step 2. A contractor can only participate in this promotion if their primary distributor is enrolled.
  2. Enroll in this Promotion by April 1 by clicking on the Contractor Tools link from the Toolbox homepage. Then click on “Enroll in Infinite Cash Promotion”. All screens must be completed to be enrolled in the promotion. You will be required to complete an online W9 form and enter bank routing information to receive reimbursement electronically (US only) or you can choose to have a check mailed to you. You will receive a confirmation email when you have successfully enrolled. A contractor can enroll in this promotion at any time, however if enrolling after 4/1 only installations occurring after enrollment date will qualify. Enrollment after 4/1 is not retroactive to earlier installations.
  3. Sell Qualifying Fujitsu Systems Purchased from Your Primary Distributor When selling a qualifying Fujitsu system, the contractor should provide an instant discount of the amount qualified as listed in the table. Invoices should clearly spell out the instant discount amount being deducted from the total invoice amount at time of sale, as well as the model number of the system(s) being sold. This program is meant to be used as a tool to help close sales – Fujitsu will NOT be mailing checks to homeowners. Discount amounts given to homeowners should match the amounts on this flyer (see other side).
  4. Systems Must Be Registered Within 30 Days of Installation and All By 6/28/19: Date of purchase must be by 5/31, date of installation must be between 3/1 and 6/14 and all systems must be registered by 6/28/19. Register the systems through Fujitsu’s Warranty Registration page and they will automatically be entered into the Infinite Cash Program. The homeowner invoice should be uploaded and required fields completed. To qualify for the promotion, invoices must be submitted within 30 days of installation, however, all entries must be submitted by June 28, 2019 for promotion eligibility.
  5. Receiving Payment You will receive payment in one lump sum either electronically (US only) or by check no later than August 15.



You can download the Promo Flyer here (PDF Format):