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Telltale Signs Your Heat Pump Is Headed For a Replacement  

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Heat pumps are cost-efficient heating systems that provide you with the warmth you need for a comfortable stay at home or office. As these machines age, they will need replacement because they wear out and become inefficient. A heat pump can last between 10 to 15-years following installation if you put in good servicing and maintenance practices. Here are a few signs you need to consult with a heating and cooling serviceto replace your heat pump in San Diego.


Reduced energy efficiency

With age, heating systems will begin to wear out. The efficiency of these systems may drop to alarming levels often reflecting heavily on your bills. When you discover that the operating costs are increasing steadily even when you are doing proper maintenance, it may indicate that it needs a replacement.


Frequent repairs

When the parts of a heat pump begin to wear out and break down often, you could be faced with increased cost of repair. A majority of heat pumps won’t need repairing more than one time in several years. In case, you are doing repairs after a few months, it could signal that the pump is nearing its end of life. Typically, when the parts wear out, the heat pump starts releasing a lot of noise and fails to control the problem of condensation within the unit.


Age of the system

A heat pump can survive for 15-years or more. In the event that the system has covered more than 15-years, it is time to consider replacing it. While it may continue serving you, you may find that it is less expensive if you replace it. The higher performance delivered by a new system will offset the replacement cost within a few years.


It may not help to continue using a heat pump that is failing or causing the monthly bills to increase. Consider a replacement by Air Plus Heating and Cooling. It will save you money and the agony of facing a complete breakdown of the heating system when you least expect.