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Tips to Prevent Air Conditioning Repair – SAVE MONEY!

air conditioning repair

air conditioning repair

During the hot summer days, we feel the need to use our air conditioners often. Although it may have just been working the previous day, there’s always the chance that when you turn it on and need it the most, you won’t hear that “comforting buzz” you are accustomed to. You may smell something unusual (like the smell of dirty socks), or you can see water dripping in places that it shouldn’t. If these, or other red flags occur, you even start sweating more. Not due to the heat, but the thought of the unexpected repair bill.

Fortunately, we have some handy tips to possibly help avoid these pricey air conditioner repair bills and even prolong your ac system’s lifespan!

Regular Maintenance – Some air conditioners come with a preventive maintenance plan. If your ac unit has one, take advantage of it! Also, make sure you follow the Owner’s Manual instructions on operating your ac system properly to avoid malfunction.

Regular check-ups can also prolong your air conditioner’s life and prevent issues down the road.\

Replace Air Filter – It is very important to replace your air filters regularly. Dirty air filters block the the cool air from reaching the targeted location. And also, since the air is blocked, it comes back into the AC unit and ices up numerous components (such as your evaporator coil).

Clean your AC unit and Keep it Cool – It is important to keep your air conditioner cool, or at least not installed in an area consistently exposed to direct sunlight. For areas that have a lot of pollen-producing flora, ensure your AC unit is kept clean, as these pollens accumulate on the air conditioning system’s surfaces that can lead to motor-related issues. 

Although there are preventive measures you can take to maintain the integrity of your air conditioner at home, sometimes AC issues are unavoidable. When they do, it is important to have a factory trained expert check your unit and repair the issues.