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5-star (1)     6/5/2013

Five stars to Kim and Jim at Air Plus. My wife, Marilyn and I decided that once and for all we would not suffer those high temperature, boiling, sweltering hot days that pop up so frequently in our neck of the woods in Southern San Diego. Blessedly moderate temperatures and humidity most of the time, but once in a while… well, you know the story if you’re reading similar reviews. So I went to work creating a spreadsheet from which a logical decision could be made as to the specifics, cost and after market service would yield the best option for us. As an engineer, spreadsheets of this nature are second nature. Piece of cake! After listing all the attributes such as name recognition (Trane, Carrier, etc), we started reading customer-reviews giving each one to five stars based on the solid information we could get from them. Kim and Jim started way out in front from the get go. As we dug deeper into alternative suppliers it became apparent that unless we discovered some serious monkey wrench in the gearbox… we would end up with Air Plus as the contractor and Trane as the hardware. Among the competitors were Sears, Lowes, Home Depot and three locally owned contractors. I wanted to title this review “12 hour teamwork and not one trip to Home Depot”. But nobody other than engineering types would understand that what I meant to say was as an observer of work, inevitably somebody forgot something in the shop or did not have it on a checklist and so had to interrupt the work while somebody ‘fetched’ it. Few projects live up to the old adage of ‘have the right thing at the right place at the right time’. Air Plus is exemplary! Other reviewers have said it better when describing their great customer service, timeliness, neatness. All I have to add, really, is how impressed we are at the total package from initial phone call to final vacuuming and signing of the check.

Wayne and Marilyn Lundberg – Chula Vista