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Wear and Tear on Your Heating and Cooling System

Caring for your heating and cooling system means getting the most out of it by reducing the strain it undergoes during operation. However, there are a couple of things homeowners overlook that are likely to harm their HVAC systems, increasing the risk of problems. If you are wondering how to improve the life of your unit by reducing wear and tear, improving its efficiency here are some things to avoid.

Neglecting Annual Tune-Ups

If your unit is working smoothly, it is tempting to put off scheduling an annual heating and cooling tune-up. But, these tune-ups are critical to ensure the overall efficiency of your HVAC system, which may drop due to factors like dust and dirt accumulation, increasing wear and tear.

Even if there is no change in your system’s performance, it is likely costing you more with regards to energy consumption. When you neglect the tune-ups long enough, the resulting wear and tear will adversely effect your appliance’s lifespan. In the end, you may be required to purchase a new system long before a replacement is needed.

Forgetting to Change the Furnace Filter

Furnace filters capture particles like pollen and dirt drawn into your HVAC system for cooling and heating purposes. In due time, the filter becomes full, reducing its effectiveness at removing particles while also restricting the system’s airflow.

Dirty furnaces also contribute to added wear and tear of your heating and cooling system. Once again, this will significantly contribute to added utility costs and a shortened lifespan. Replacing or cleaning the furnace filter every one to three months is simple and a very effective means of keeping your system in good shape.

A significant step towards reducing your system’s rapid wear and tear is by calling in a professional. The professionals have all the resources required to ensure you enjoy excellent home comfort at low cost. Through regular maintenance, repair, and care by the experts, your unit will realize increased longevity and efficiency.