Air Plus Heating & Cooling


Nobody likes it when their AC goes on the blink and they especially don’t like being ripped off by the service. Air Plus Heating and Cooling has a code of ethics that you seldom find in the air and heating business. Integrity is at the top of the list. Sure, they take great care to hire some of the most highly technically qualified engineers to work in the field quickly identifying and repairing problems, but their people are also carefully selected to act with the greatest degree of honesty and integrity you will find anywhere!


You will never be pitched on some product or part you don’t really need. Their multi-point inspection service can really save you money by identifying issues that may be causing your unit to operate at less than peak efficiency. The art and science of air conditioning has been constantly evolving technically. It gets better and better every year! This means that you have to keep a mindful eye as to the age of your system and consider the time when replacing it with a more modern system will start immediately saving you money on your electric bill. You know the price of oil has been going down in general but you don’t really see any savings on your electric bill, do you? That’s why the dramatic improvements in AC efficiency can be so important to helping your bottom line!


While some folks only reach out to find an AC company when they have an emergency, that’s not really the best time to develop that relationship. Why? Because the best time to look into your AC’s health is before there is a problem and do the things you need to do which will prevent you from having a future problem!


Air Plus Heating and Cooling’s inspection service is very affordable and it may make a big difference for you down the line. With the summer months coming into full swing, you owe it to yourself and your family to take a proactive stance on your air conditioning needs with the right company, Air Plus Heating and Cooling!